Privacy policy

AdipoSeeds Inc. (hereinafter refer to as “Our Company”) fully understands the important obligation of personal data management; in addition to complying with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”), we have established the following privacy policy for the protection of personal data and we make sure that all our employees are aware of it.

1. Collection of Personal Data

Regarding the collection of personal data (as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act), Our Company informs the data provider (known as “Provider” below) of the collection purpose and implements the collection through legal, fair means to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose.

2. Use of Personal Data

We only make use of personal data within the scope of the following purposes.
  • To respond to enquiries, requests, demands, etc. from our customers
  • To confirm and contact participants of exhibitions and seminars
  • To maintain and establish smooth relationships with our business partners
  • Make use of personal data collected from recruitment applications and enquiries as materials for internal reviews
  • To carry out clinical study and other research and development in conjunction with our business
  • For the achievement of other specified individual purposes in addition to the above

3. Provision of Personal Data

Our Company shall not provide personal data to any other third parties without the prior consent of the Provider, except the cases based on laws and regulations. When Our Company outsources all or part of our personal data management to a third party, we shall do so only to the extent necessary to achieve the usage purpose. In that case, Our Company shall sign a confidentiality agreement with the third party so as to supervise the use of personal data of the Provider as an appropriate management.

4. Implementation of Safety Policies

Our safety policies about our possession of personal information are as follows.
Formulation of basic policy To secure appropriate handling of the personal information, this privacy policy is formulated as a basic policy about “the observance to the related laws, regulations and guideline", “the responsible person of inquiry and complaint processing”, etc.
Maintenance of rules about the handling of the personal data The information management regulation is formulated to regulate the handling, the responsible person, the person in charge and their duties for every stage such as acquisition, use, storage, transfer, deletion, disposal, etc.
Organized safety management measures

The responsible person is appointed to handle the personal information, both the range of staffs who can handle the personal information and the scope of the personal information which every staff can handle are classified, the report and contact system to the responsible person is maintained when the fact or the indication of the violation of the law and the information management regulation.

The self-check about the situation of handling the personal information is carried out periodically and the inspection is also carried out by the other department or the third party.

Human safety management measures

The training about the handling the personal information for our employees is carried out periodically.

The article about the confidentiality of the personal information is included the work rule.

Physical safety management measures

The physical access of employees to the area handling the personal information and the scope of devices which can be brought to the area are limited. The prevention measure of the access to the personal information by the person who does not have authority is also implemented.

The measure to prevent the device, electronic medium and document which contain the personal information from being stolen or lost is implemented. The measure to prevent the personal information from being easily found when the device, the electronic medium, etc. are moved including the movement inside the office.

Technical safety management measure

Both the range of employees and the scope of the database etc. of the personal information which each employee can access are limited by the technical access control.

The structure to prevent the injustice access by third party to the information system handling the personal information is implemented.

5. Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Data

When the Provider requests a disclosure of the personal information and the record of the transfer to third party which means the record of the transfer to third party defined in Article 33 Paragraph 5 of the Personal Information Protection Act, correction, deletion, suspension of usage or transfer, or disposition of personal information based on the Act on the Personal Information Protection Act, Our Company shall respond accordingly within a reasonable period. However, this does not apply when our obligation is not stipulated by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, along with other laws and regulations.

6. Enquiries

For requests for disclosure, opinions, questions, complaints, and other enquiries regarding our basic privacy policy, please contact us at the below.
AdipoSeeds Inc.

7. Compliance and Improvement

Regarding our privacy policy, Our Company shall comply with laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data; we shall also work on continuous improvement for the proper management of personal data.
Junji Fuwa, CEO
AdipoSeeds, Inc.
Mita International bldg. 10F, 1-4-28 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073 JAPAN
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