Making Platelets from Fat
and Inventing New Blood Supply System.


An aging society is a blood-deprived society. Aging means more elderly people who need blood. Aging means fewer young people who donate blood. The trend of increased demand and decreased supply of blood will even accelerate. Among the cells in blood, platelets are particularly important, helping stop bleeding and repairing tissue.

We, AdipoSeeds, invented a novel technology of making platelets from mesenchymal stem cells without a complex and costly gene transfer. With that technology, making platelet from fat tissue is now possible. The aims of AdipoSeeds are to solve the shortage of platelets in the world, and to create the future where a platelet-related treatment will be cheaply and safely provided.

Making Platelets from Fat and Inventing New Blood Supply System.

We are AdipoSeeds.


The mechanism of making platelets from fat tissue

Human fat tissue
Fat tissue is obtained through liposuction. Stable supply is possible.

(Fat-derived mesenchymal stromal/stem cells)

purification/cell line
Gene transfer is not required to establish the cell line (ASCL). Without a complex and costly method, we realize the safe and stable cell culture system.

(Plenty of mesenchymal stem cells)

ASCL, made from the fat tissue, is a mesenchymal stem cell which meets the criteria of International Society for Cellular Therapy. It can be safely frozen and thawed, and suitable for long-term preservation.
With newly invented technology, mesenchymal stem cells are differentiated into platelets.


Fat-derived platelets are used to blood products and wound care medicine.
Regenerative medicine products

3 Key Points

  • Without Gene Transfer
    We invented a novel technology of making platelets from mesenchymal stem cells without a complex and costly gene transfer.
  • From Subcutaneous Fat Tissue
    Mesenchymal stem cells, the source of platelets, are indeed taken from fat tissue through liposuction.
  • Safety and Cost effective
    It means, therefore, platelets can be made from the cells which are obtained in a safe, stable and inexpensive manner.


Provided in a safe, stable and inexpensive manner without blood donation, fat-derived platelets will be used not only for chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), but also in the area of surgery or dentistry as they also help wound healing.

About Us

Company Name
AdipoSeeds, Inc.
Main Office
Mita International Bldg. 10F,
1-4-28, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
108-0073, Japan
July 7, 2016
Fiscal Year End
JPY 19,700,000 (as of Jan 2023)
Junji Fuwa
CSO & Founder
Yumiko Matsubara
Outside Director
Tomokatsu Hongo
Outside Director
Norihide Hayakawa
Hidetaka Itahashi
General Manager, Business Management Department
Shigeki Hijikata
Scientific Advisor
Yasuo Ikeda
Scope of Business
Technology licensing to research partners in order to put human cell therapy products from far-derived cells into practical use


Junji Fuwa
Junji Fuwa

Worked for Nippon Credit Bank (current Aozora Bank), HuBit genomix, Inc. which is a genomic research company, finance and administration positions of the companies invested by the buyout fund. Joined AdipoSeeds in January 2021. Appointed as the CEO&CFO of AdipoSeeds in June 2022.
Yumiko Matsubara
Yumiko Matsubara
CSO & Founder
Ph. D. of Medicine Science (Keio University)
Associate Professor, Clinical and Translational Research center, Keio University

Main Research Theme:
Platelet Physiology Manufacturing platelets from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Scientific Society:
Japanese Society Hematology (Representative),
Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (Representative)
American Society of Hematology,
International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis,
Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
本郷 有克
Tomokatsu Hongo
External Director
Ph. D. of Engineering (Nagoya University)

After working for Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation from 1999, he joined Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc. as a corporate officer in May 2016.
Norihide Hayakawa
Norihide Hayakawa
Outside Director

After working for Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. from 2012, he joined DCI Partners Co., Ltd. as a director officer in January 2019.
Hidetaka Itahashi
Hidetaka Itahashi

Worked for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking corporation holding key senior positions, Mazda Auto Leasing Company as the President & CEO, NEC Capital Solutions as the President & CEO and DYNAM as the Audit & Supervisory Board Member. Appointed as the auditor of AdipoSeeds in June 2022.
Shigeki Hijikata
Shigeki Hijikata
General Manager, Business Management Department

Worked for Kaken KAKEN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., and had extended experiences including R&D management, sales, marketing, business development, etc. Joined AdipoSeeds in August 2021.
池田 康夫
Yasuo Ikeda
Scientific Advisor
M.D, Ph. D. of Medical Science(Keio University)
Professor Emeritus, Keio University (former Dean of Medicine)
Specially Appointed Professor, Waseda University
Headmaster, Musashi Academy of the Nezu Foundation

He had successive posts of Keio University as Assistant Professor of Center for Blood Transfusion, Professor of Internal Medicine, Head of Center for Integrated Medical Research, Dean of Medicine, etc. He received the Showa Emperor Memorial Academic Award to appreciate his long-term contribution to the platelet study in 2019.

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