Raised JPY 152 million through third-party allotment for the early commercialization of ASCL-PLC, an adipose tissue- derived multifunctional platelet

For the commercialization of ASCL-PLC[*1] (an adipose tissue- derived multifunctional platelet), AdipoSeeds, Inc (a start-up company from Keio University; headquarters located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Ms. Yumiko MATSUBARA; known as AdipoSeeds below) have raised JPY 152 million through third-party allotment. AdipoSeeds will use the raised fund for a collaborative clinical research on intractable skin ulcer in collaboration with Keio University  [*2], the preparation for corporate clinical trials for intractable skin ulcers and platelets transfusions of ASCL-PLC, the establishment of the new business related to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment [*3], etc.


The allotted parties are MSF Capital Partners (H.U. Group Holdings, Inc.’s CVC subsidiary) and the director of our company.


[Info about AdipoSeeds]
The mission of AdipoSeeds is “to create platelets from fat and create a new blood supply system”. It aims to supply safe and medically applicable platelet preparations mainly from adipose tissues at low cost, to tackle problems of platelet shortage developing globally at a rapid rate in our future aging society, and to create a bright future through the creation of adorable and safe platelet treatments.


AdipoSeeds also contributes to establish the practical system to supply platelets for transfusion independent on blood donation and solve the social problem of unmet medical needs by expanding tissue repair area using platelets through “the realization of regenerative medicine using adipose tissue- derived platelet”.


[*1] AdipoSeeds has invented the proprietary method to (1) establish ASCL (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Line) from ASC through the purification process to overcome the drawbacks of ASC (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell) which is centrifuged from human subcutaneous adipose tissue by a standard method, and (2) differentiate ASCL to ASCL-PLC (ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells). AdipoSeeds aims to develop ASCL-PLC as a product in the field of regenerative medicine based on the technologies.


[*2] AdipoSeeds is conducting an “Exploratory clinical trial of mesenchymal stem ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells for intractable skin ulcers” in collaboration with Keio University. The outline and progress of the study are published on the JRCT (Japan Registry of Clinical Trials).


[*3] PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is one of the regenerative medicine utilizing the tissue repair ability of the platelet growth factor contained in one’s blood and the receptors expressed on the platelet membrane.


AdipoSeeds plans to launch a business consignment as a new business based on the quality control cultivated through research results of platelets and development of products such as regenerative medicine through ASCL-PLC.


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