Concluded a basic agreement with H.U. Cells, Inc. regarding contracted business for PRP therapy

AdipoSeeds, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO & CFO: Junji Fuwa, after this “AdipoSeeds”) is a start-up company from Keio University that is working on commercializing ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells (ASCL-PLC)[*] as regenerative medicine products. AdipoSeeds has concluded a basic agreement with H.U. Cells, Inc. to consider a business alliance to launch a contracting business related to PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. H.U. Cells, Inc. (Head office: Akiruno, Tokyo, Representative Director, and President: Kazuya Omi, after this “H.U. Cells.”) undertakes contract quality testing and manufacturing in the fields of regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and gene therapy.


AdipoSeeds has obtained proprietary technologies related to the production and preparation of platelets through the development of regenerative medicine products. On the other hand, H.U. Cells and H.U. Group Holdings, Inc. have the business resources/infrastructure (cell culture processing facilities, networks with medical institutions, logistics networks, etc.) to develop a “testing and related services business” and “clinical reagent business.” These technologies and business resources/infrastructure are integrated to provide medical institutions with highly original and novel PRP.


This business aims to start providing services for PRP therapy through private practice in July 2023.


[What is PRP therapy?]

PRP therapy is one of the regenerative medicines that utilize the tissue repair ability of membrane receptors expressed on the surface of platelets and the growth factors inside.

In orthopedic surgery, PRP therapy treats tissue damage such as elbows, knees, and other joint cartilage and tendons due to sports injuries and the associated pain. In addition, it is applied to a wide range of fields, such as intractable skin ulcers, bedsores, burns, gangrene related to diabetes, and the promotion of regeneration of alveolar bone and gums in dentistry.


However, it is widely known that there are individual differences in the number and function of peripheral blood platelets, which are the raw materials for PRP. Therefore, it is complicated to standardize the platelet preparation used for PRP therapy, and in addition, it has been pointed out that the efficacy is not adequately verified.


AdipoSeeds has a technical foundation such as platelet function analysis, standardization, and performance evaluation technology cultivated in commercializing ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells (ASCL-PLC) as regenerative medicine products. Through a business tie-up with the H.U. Group, which has high-level technology for quality inspection and contract manufacturing of cell-processed products, the problems faced by PRP therapy can be solved. Additionally, we provide high-quality PRP, thereby contributing to the further spread of regenerative medicine that utilizes the ability of tissue repair of platelets.


[About AdipoSeeds]

AdipoSeeds’ mission is to “create platelets from fat and create new blood flow”. The goal is to supply safe and medically applicable platelets at low cost, mainly from fat that is scheduled to be discarded, and to solve the problem of platelet shortages, which are accelerating worldwide in the future of an aging society with a declining birthrate. AdipoSeeds create a future where medical treatment actions involving platelets can be provided more cheaply and safely.


In addition, AdipoSeeds is working to solve some social problems through the “realization of regenerative medicine using platelets derived from adipose tissue.” In other words, AdipoSeeds aims to “commercialize transfusion-use platelets that do not depend on blood donation” and “eliminate unmet medical needs by expanding the area of tissue repair using platelets.”


[*]  AdipoSeeds has invented the proprietary method to (1) establish ASCL (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Line) from ASC through the purification process to overcome the drawbacks of ASC (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell) which is centrifuged from human subcutaneous adipose tissue by a standard method, and (2) differentiate ASCL to ASCL-PLC (ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells). AdipoSeeds aims to develop ASCL-PLC as a product in the field of regenerative medicine based on the technologies.

For this reason, AdipoSeeds is conducting an exploratory clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell-derived platelet-like cells (ASCL-PLC) for intractable skin ulcers in collaboration with Keio University. The outline and progress of this study are published in the Japan Registry of Clinical Trials (JRCT).



[Company Profile]

Company name H.U. Cells, Inc.
Established July 2019
Head office 50 Fuchigami, Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director and President Kazuya Omi
Business profile Research and development of products derived from cells and tissues of organisms including humans/manufacturing/import/export/sales

Preservation and reservation of cells and tissues of organisms including humans/examination/transportation

Other businesses related to the above



Company name AdipoSeeds, Inc.
Established July 2016
Head office 1-4-28, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO & CFO Junji Fuwa
Business profile Development of regenerative medicine products (treatment for intractable skin ulcers, platelets for transfusion, etc.) by using ASCL and ASCL-PLC


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