Raised 1.6 billion yen through third-party allotment to prepare for clinical trials of ASCL-PLC

AdipoSeeds Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO & CFO: Junji Fuwa, after this AdipoSeeds) is a venture from Keio University that is working on the commercialization of ASCL-PLC [*1], a multifunctional platelet-derived from adipose tissue as regenerative medicine products. We have raised a total of 1.6 billion yen to be allocated to investment business limited partnerships operated by DCI Partners Co., Ltd., NISSAY CAPITAL CO., Ltd., SMBC VENTURE CAPITAL CO., LTD., and Gemseki Inc.


The funds raised this time will be used to accelerate further preparations for corporate clinical trials of ASCL-PLC targeting the treatment of intractable skin ulcers and platelet transfusions. In addition, these funds will be used for the preparation of contracted business of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy which will launch on July 2023 [*2].


[Comments from investors]

Mr. Hiroki Narita, President & CEO, DCI Partners Co., Ltd. 

We are pleased to be able to invest in AdipoSeeds, which is steadily accumulating results as a platelet specialty company. We hope this funding will further accelerate R&D and business development, and we would like to support the growth of AdipoSeeds.


Mr. Junichi Imoto, Senior capitalist, NISSAY CAPITAL CO., Ltd. Investment Department

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived platelet-like cells, developed by AdipoSeeds, are seeds to solve problems in intractable skin ulcers and platelet transfusions. For this reason, we invested with the expectation of further expansion in the future. We are delighted to be able to join the team of experts led by CEO Fuwa in this additional challenge. At the same time, we hope that AdipoSeeds will contribute significantly to society by creating revolutionary regenerative medicine products in the future.


Mr. Masakazu Komahashi, Deputy General Manager, Investment Department III, 


We have long been paying attention to AdipoSeeds, as a venture that can solve the social problem of platelet shortages with its highly epoch-making technology. AdipoSeeds has a “making platelets from fat” manufacturing method that enables a stable supply at a low cost. As a member of the SMBC Group, we would like to support the growth of AdipoSeeds, and we hope to help deliver treatments to many patients.


Mr. Ichiro Nagata, President & CEO, Gemseki Inc.

We are confident that the groundbreaking AdipoSeeds technology allows platelets to be cultured without gene transfer from adipose tissue, which used to be discarded. It will lead to improved QOL for many patients in the future. As a member of the AdipoSeeds team, we would like to take on challenges together to deliver AdipoSeeds technology to many patients as soon as possible.


[About AdipoSeeds]

AdipoSeeds’ mission is to “create platelets from fat and create new blood flow”. The goal is to supply safe and medically applicable platelets at low cost, mainly from fat that is scheduled to be discarded, and to solve the problem of platelet shortages, which are accelerating worldwide in the future of an aging society with a declining birthrate. AdipoSeeds create a future where medical treatment actions involving platelets can be provided more cheaply and safely.


In addition, AdipoSeeds is working to solve some social problems through the “realization of regenerative medicine using platelets derived from adipose tissue.” In other words, AdipoSeeds aims to “commercialize transfusion-use platelets that do not depend on blood donation” and “eliminate unmet medical needs by expanding the area of tissue repair using platelets.”


[*1] AdipoSeeds has invented the proprietary method to (1) establish ASCL (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Line) from ASC through the purification process to overcome the drawbacks of ASC (Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell) which is centrifuged from human subcutaneous adipose tissue by a standard method, and (2) differentiate ASCL to ASCL-PLC (ASCL-derived Platelet Like Cells). AdipoSeeds aims to develop ASCL-PLC as a product in the field of regenerative medicine based on the technologies.


For this reason, AdipoSeeds is conducting an exploratory clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell-derived platelet-like cells (ASCL-PLC) for intractable skin ulcers in collaboration with Keio University. The outline and progress of this study are published in the Japan Registry of Clinical Trials (JRCT).



[*2] PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a regenerative medicine that utilizes the tissue repair ability of platelet growth factors in the patient’s blood and receptors expressed on platelet membranes.


AdipoSeeds plans to launch a contracted business for PRP therapy together with H.U. Cells, Inc. We aim for this business to start service in July 2023 and are now preparing.